Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Leaked pulp mill emails

See emails here

See frormer RPDC pulp mill assessor's view here

I believe what we have seen in this package of leaked emails is bad enough to warrant not only a lengthy investigation by the local media but more importantly a parliamentary investigation.

I wrote on this blog 4 months ago that if Gunns were serious about being a transparent company and proponent of a transparent Pulp Mill project and if the Tasmanian Government were serious about its claims that the pulp mill had been through the most rigorous assessment of any mill in the world then they must both agree to release all correspondence on the Pulp Mill. Time to put up or shut up.

Let both parties do the following.

1. Gunns make publically available all correspondence between itself and consultants involved in formulating its Pulp Mill IIS.
2 Let Gunns and the Tasmanian Government including DPAC, ministers and government departments release all correspondence on the pulp mill that was circulated between these parties, particularly up until the end of 2008.
3. All correspondence on the pulp mill between Gunns, the Tas Govt. and the RPDC made publically available.

I personally believe that if this correspondence was made publically available it would be a horror story of serious abuse of process, shortcutting, deceiving the public, secret deals, window dressing, spin & pressurising and would show how public and environmental health has been compromised to suit Gunns needs.
I believe it would also show that the Tamar Valley is environmentally unsuitable with the precautionary principle being turned upside down and the the pulp mill site selected for economic reasons only.
Environmental arguments and permits being fitted up thereafter to ensure that potential financiers have certainty with public and environmental health a secondary consideration.
I would urge everyone with a media contact to send these leaked emails on and ask that the story be covered. I predict not one media outlet in Tasmania will touch this and therein lies perhaps the biggest and perhaps most tragic insult to our democracy in this entire pulp mill saga. The abysmal failure of the Tasmanian media led by its Editors and its army of kid journo’s, typified by all of their depressing lack of courage and preference for superficiality.

Check out this link to Christine Milne's devatstating speech to the senate  4 months ago addressing some of the leaked documents we see in TT’s leaked email package


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