Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gunns and the Tasmanian Government should now release all correspondence on the Pulp Mill. Put up or shut up

Gunns and the Tasmanian Government should now release all correspondence on the Pulp Mill.
Time to put up or shut up.

If Gunns is such a transparent company and the Tasmanian government reckon the pulp mill has been through such a rigorous assessment then let them do the following.
1. Gunns make publically available all correspondence between itself and consultants involved in formulating its Pulp Mill IIS.
2 Let Gunns and the Tasmanian Government including DPAC, ministers and government departments release all correspondence on the pulp mill that was circulated between these parties, particularly up until the end of 2008.
3. All correspondence on the pulp mill between Gunns, the Tas Govt. and the RPDC made publically available.
That would be a start.
I believe that if this correspondence was made publically available it would be a horror story of shortcutting, deceiving the public, secret deals, abuse of process, pressurising and would show how public and environmental health has been compromised to suit Gunns needs. It would also show that the Tamar Valley is environmentally unsuitable with the precautionary principle being turned upside down and the the pulp mill site selected for economic reasons only. Environmental arguments and permits have been fitted up thereafter to ensure that potential financiers have certainty with public and environmental health a secondary consideration

Saturday, May 21, 2011

ENGO's Pulp Mill double Game exposed.

...Industry representatives said the environmental groups gave a "clear commitment" not to oppose the mill proposed for the Tamar Valley, north of Launceston, subject to several conditions.

These included Gunns amending mill licence conditions to guarantee native forests were not used in its feedstock, and the industry embracing a transition out of native forest logging, into plantations.
A statement of principles signed by industry groups in October last year committed to a transition of most the industry out of native forests and to "a pulp mill".
In March, Gunns amended its federal approvals to rule out native woodchip feedstock, a move publicly hailed by the green groups -- The Wilderness Society, Environment Tasmania and the Australian Conservation Foundation.
However, industry participants in the talks were angered when, after a backlash from sections of their constituencies and the Greens, TWS and Environment Tasmania then hardened their positions against the mill. "The green groups gave a private commitment that they would not oppose the mill if there was a shift out of native forests and now they're reneging," one industry source said........ENGO's Pulp Mill double Game exposed. From The Oz.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm no Gunns' lobbyist: Lennon

Well that would make a pleasant change Paul Read Here

This blog revealed Lennon's lobbying role Here and Here

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Small farming community forum in Tasmania hosted by Phillip Adams

"Tasmania boasts some of Australia's richest agricultural land, in fact the Tasmanian government boasts that the state has a big future as a food bowl for the nation. But Tasmania's small farmers are finding it more and more difficult to get a fair price for what they produce. To coincide with Tasmania's Agfest, Phillip Adams and the Late Night Live team are taking the show on the road for the second of this year's community forums". Listen Here

Oh no Tasmania doesnt need an anti-corruption watchdog (cough, cough)

Think again.Read this report in today's Mercury

Tasmania forestry talks head for crash

Matt Denholm writes in the Australian

Our Callous, Heartless State Government.

"LAWYERS acting for a 12-year-old Hobart girl sold for sex in 2009 while a state ward have been denied access to her case files by the State Government.

The girl's court-appointed "separate representative", barrister Kate Mooney, is seeking an exceptional order in the Magistrates Court next week to force the release of the files.
The girl's lawyer Roland Browne has had three written requests to the Health and Human Services Department for access to the files stonewalled since October.
He is also seeking a court order next week for the files to be provided by the department, as he prepares a compensation and damages case against the Government.
The revelations have raised more suggestions the Government is suppressing information relating to its mishandling of the care of the girl, to protect Children's Minister Lin Thorp.
Ms Thorp is facing a critical election in her Upper House seat of Rumney on Saturday, with her chances of re-election already damaged by the child-prostitution case.
Liberal leader Will Hodgman said he feared the Government was more concerned about protecting Ms Thorp than it was about protecting the best interests of the girl.
"Who is the Government trying to protect here with its secrecy, the minister or the girl?" Mr Hodgman said.
"The simple conclusion is that this is more about Lin Thorp and the Government's self interest, and nothing to do with protecting the victim and other vulnerable children."
Legal bids to force the department to release the case files follow new proceedings in the children's division of the Hobart Magistrates Court in March. The Government was seeking to extend the child-protection order entrusting the girl to its care for another 12 months.
It is understood the girl's father opposed the extension of the order, arguing that the Government, through its Children and Family Services Department, had not shown it could be trusted to care properly for his daughter.
The magistrate in charge of the children's division adjourned the Government request to extend the protection order, appointing Ms Mooney as the girl's legal representative.
Legal experts last night told the Mercury it was unheard of in Australia for a Government that is also the girl's legal guardian to deny a court appointed representative access to a state ward's case files". Read More Here

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Aioli Recipe

Aioli recipe
•4 chopped garlic cloves
•1/2 tsp. salt
•1 tsp. lemon juice
•2-3 egg yolks
•1 1/2 cup olive oil
•1 tsp. fresh chopped oregano (optional)
Put the garlic, salt and herbs (if using) into a mortar and pound into a paste.
Add the lemon juice and egg yolks and pound some more, mixing and mashing well. Slowly drizzle in the olive oil, mashing and mixing and stirring all the while -- it should take a good 5 minutes to get all the oil incorporated. Towards the end stages I use a hand held whisk and slowly whisk to bring the mixture up to a creamy/fluffy consistency. Take your time. I take up to 1/2 hour even longer. Why use a mortar and pestle? Beacuse You get a far better texture and the mashing brings out more of the aroma of the garlic and herbs. Eat on Bread, pita like a spread, on fish, meat, whatever takes your fancy.
Keep in the fridge until needed. Cover, this aioli will last a week in the refrigerator

Media Speculation about Gunns financial backers comes up short.

Read the respective reports by The Mercury and The Examiner.

Note the Examiner report under this link is allegedly the 2nd published report.

Financial analyst Jarvis Cocker alleges to have contacted The Examiner Editor alerting them to errors in the original story, "suggesting they (Examiner) might like to scrap it and start again, which they dutifully did"

Then read the daming critique of the two news reports by financial analyst Jarvis Cocker Here.

Key Points in Cocker's expose;
  • The Gunns share price did nothing after the Macquarie announcement, as it was released to the ASX at 4.34pm, well after the market closed.
  • The National Australia Bank release hit the screen at 2.01pm, at which time Gunns were trading at 55.5 cents. As they closed at 55, it would have been more accurate for The Examiner to report ``Gunns shares softened after NAB announcement.’’
  • Nothing in the Macquarie release gives me the impression the bank is looking at Gunns as anything other than a toy for short-selling. Like some other institutions that pop up on the registry from time to time, Macquarie clearly sees the direction of the share price - spiralling towards nothing. In short, a perfect stock for shorting; not so good for adding to growth portfolios.
  • NAB isn’t buying shares on its own account. The majority are held either by subsidiary MLC, or by individuals and corporates using NAB’s trustees services. Although given NAB’s hapless record of corporate investment, perhaps it’s appropriate they are taking an interest in Gunns.
See the ASX releases in question Here under the tab GUNNS LIMITED announcements.
The two NAB releases in question on 21/4/2011 and 4/5/2011. The two Mac Bank releases in question on 21/4/2011 and 3/4/2011.

Pilko (with compliments to Jarvis)

3 Reports.......Federal protections needed against sexual orientation and sex/and or gender identity discrimination......and.........Legislative Council Select Committee Tourism In Tasmania........and........Has Federal Hotels become a sustainable tourism industry leader or a debt laden gambling dependent predator?

REPORT -Federal protections needed against sexual orientation and sex/and or gender identity discrimination

"There is broad support for federal laws protecting people from discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and sex and/or gender identity, the Australian Human Rights Commission has found. Releasing the Addressing sexual orientation and sex and/or gender identity discrimination consultationreport today, Commission President and Human Rights Commissioner Catherine Branson QC, said a consultation undertaken last year had heard compelling evidence of the need for such laws. “The Commission’s consultation revealed numerous and distressing stories of how people’s lives had been impacted and damaged by discrimination, violence or bullying on the basis of their sexual orientation and sex and/or gender identity,” Ms Branson said. “We also heard lots of different views on how human rights protections for this group of people could be strengthened, but by far the most frequently suggested solution was the inclusion of protections in federal laws.”.....

Report - Legislative Council Select Committee Tourism In Tasmania


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Incredible! Beautiful! Brutal!. Giro d'Italia 2011 stage by stage analysis.May 7-28. Live on Eurosport. Highlights and limited Live stages on SBS......and.....Flowery Gully ride

The first of cycling's three grand tours, the Giro d'Italia, gets underway this month. Tune in to SBS for daily highlights at 6pm on SBS TWO from Sunday 8 May plus catch four live stages including Stage 9, Stage 14, Stage 20 and Stage 21 also on SBS TWO and streamed LIVE at Cycling Central.

Yesterday i went on one of my favourite local rides out through Exeter, Winkleigh and Flowery Gully.
I am ashamed to say that i still avoiding the big climb over Flowery Gully. However yesterday i did all but and it is still a challenging ride with plenty of rolling hills and dead roads. Aiming to take on the full loop in next week or two. Gravelly Beach-Batman Bridge-Beaconsfield-Flowery Gully/Winkleigh-Exeter-Home.(47km hilly). A quiet, but very challenging and scenic country ride. 
The full loop is best done on the weekend when the log truck traffic is minimal.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden dead.

Sounds like the US are claiming it was one of their missiles about a week ago.  US has his body. DNA samples confirm. If u r near fox news, turn it on. Hilarious.