Friday, April 20, 2012

Ban Pollies from the Friday Forum

Dear ABC Hobart

Question re the Friday Pollies forum.

Over the period of a week, ABC listeners will have already heard the same lines, same spin and the same sermons from the 3 parties via the nightly news (across 3 channels), the radio news (on the hour), and on the internet.

Pick up the newspaper and you can read the same stuff.

Then theres talkback radio where political parties are given more time than anyone else to make their points. The pollies also spend the whole week screaming and yelling in parliament. Thats now broadcast live and then recycled across all media. We also get their propaganda in our letter boxes. You cant get away from political opinion.

Why then do ABC radio continue with this stale pollies forum after we've already heard the same political parties spinning the same lines all week? Isnt it time in this age of multi media for radio to cut back the amount of time it gives political parties?

Isnt it time to ditch the Friday pollies forum and invite some ordinary, interesting fresh voices from the Tasmanian community?

Does the ABC earnestly believe its listeners want to hear political parties all the time?

I guarantee the ABC if it surveyed its listeners they would much rather hear everyday tasmanians than politicians.

I say to the ABC - ban politicians from the Friday Forum barring exceptional circumstances.


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