Monday, May 7, 2012

This is what happens to people who tell the truth about the Tasmanian Government

"FORMER Lennon government whistleblower Nigel Burch cannot get a job in Tasmania.The once-highly skilled public servant has only worked three months since he was sacked four years ago from his role of government adviser to then-deputy premier Steve Kons.
This work was in the Northern Territory for an Aboriginal health service.
Mr Burch said he never set out to be a whistleblower but he would forever be known as the source of a shredded document that led to the downfall of a deputy premier.
``It all snowballed and became a nightmare,'' Mr Burch said.
``The government attacked me remorselessly, and one-eyed Labor people who did not understand what it was all about simply believed what the government said and vilified and abused me.
``I was cursed in the street and my property was vandalised.
``There was no way to tell people that I had nothing to gain and everything to lose by trying to do the right thing by them.''

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