Thursday, October 2, 2014

Response to far left comment on ISIL

"Demonizing the enemy" says the anonymous author - 
Poor old ISIL.
It’s probably a good thing that “Bazabee” remains anonymous because this piece is simply embarrassing. By far the silliest piece of leftist drivel I’ve read about ISIL.
When most people in the world are lamenting what Amnesty International recently -
described as ISIL's "ethnic cleansing on a historic scale" we have contributions from internet experts like Bazzabee which are all about asking us to lay off ISIL.

Stop demonizing the enemy says Baz.  
Stop demonizing an internationally recognized terrorist organization who the UN says are committing crimes against humanity & should be hauled up to face the International Criminal Court. 

While the rest of the world recoils in horror at the firsthand accounts of ISIL atrocities including the rape of young girls & mass shootings "Bazzabee" is worried that this illegal army of butchers are being singled out for hacking our heads off with hunting knives.

Yes Saudi Arabia do behead people & yes the US is mute on Saudi Capital punishment. It’s also true that states like Saudi Arabia are partly responsible for groups like ISIS.

As middle east analyst/political commentator Catherine Shakdam wrote recently.....
"The cradle of Wahhabism - an ascetic and radical interpretation of Sunni Islam - Saudi Arabia has often been understood as the nurturer of radical religious thoughts, so much so that many analysts and scholars have actually blamed the rise of Islamic terrorism on the kingdom, arguing that Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabis have not only fanned sectarianism but also promoted Jihad as a religious paradigm, a new expression of one’s religious devotion as a mean to assert its control over the Middle East.

Beyond that there are some very obvious differences between the sovereign state of Saudi Arabia, its government & Laws which are enforced within its own borders & a rogue army cobbled together from different countries who have the express intention of illegally invading, occupying & murdering.

If you don't like Saudi Arabian law at least you can leave. Not so easy to leave with ISIL as their crusade brings the Islamic state to your town along with ISIL’s murderous interpretation of the Sharia. ISIL have swallowed town after town in Syria & Iraq at lite-speed. The territory they occupy is now roughly the size of Belgium & straddles two countries. ISIL have told Mr Obama & the rest of the world that it intends to replicate what it’s done in Iraq & Syria to the rest of the world. The ISIL fighter has pissed the whole world off not only because of his crimes against humanity but because he wants to come to a town near you. That’s why the majority of nations support the US coalition & are prepared to help. See any difference between the ISIL fighter & the Saudi executioner Baz? Or would you have the US invade another sovereign nation?
Indeed Baz doing his best imitation of a clueless 14yr old asks…. “How is it that an ISIS fighter beheading a western hostage is held to be more horrific than a Saudi Swordsman welding a sword in a car park in Riyadh, Khobar or Medina”.


 You can’t be that stupid.

I’ll give you a hint BB. It’s not just about the beheadings.
The 32000 ISIS fighters on the ground in Syria present a clear & present threat to many, many more people than a Saudi court executioner. Read the Amnesty International report.

 ...."Amnesty International has found that the IS has systematically targeted non-Arab and non-Sunni Muslim communities, killing or abducting hundreds, possibly thousands, and forcing more than 830,000 others to flee the areas it has captured since 10 June 2014".

BB is so determined to paint ISIL as victims of culturally ignorant westerners who just don’t understand beheading. So determined he reduces the criminal execution of James Foley down to the method alone, omitting any mention of the fact that Foley committed no crime, broke no Syrian or international law, never faced a court, a trial yet was captured, held – essentially terrorized, knowing full well during his time in captivity that he faced execution - not by a single swoosh of a cutlass (as the Saudi Govt do) but by having his head hacked off with a hunting knife after being forced to kneel before the camera & disavow his home country.

Perhaps BB that is why the majority of the western & Muslim world are focused on the “ISIS fighter” & not Saudi Arabian capital punishment

Perhaps it’s the fact that the ISIL fighter is killing thousands of Iraqis & Syrians at lite speed - every month. Carrying out mass executions, shooting men & women in cold blood, beheading children, raping women including those underage (see Amnesty Int. report), placing heads on stakes, marching men in their hundreds & even thousands into the desert, executing & then burying them.

Or perhaps it’s the ISIL fighter’s territorial aspirations Baz. The fact that the ISIL fighter illegally & criminally invades & takes control of territory that doesn’t belong to him? And murders & abuses the inhabitants to do so.

Perhaps it’s because the ISIS fighter’s murderous campaign has seen the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq & Syria including 200,000 in the last few week over the Turkish border.

Perhaps it’s because 500,000 people in Iraq could die if the Mosul dam which the ISIS fighter has taken control of ceases to function.

Still think the ISIL fighter is getting a bum rap Baz?


  1. Hi Pilko, obviously you have done your research on Isil or whatever they are called these days. I respect you points of view. I am having a hard time seeing how we as a world can stop this sort of madness. We have tried in Afghanastan and failed dismally, the enemy just seem to pop up with another name and another backer.
    My thoughts are that we need to get to the root of the problem, there are so many people in the world now especially young men in war torn countries that are just angry and pissed off. We somehow need to talk to the elders and the religious heads and get them to effect change. We need to understand and listen to what is pissing these young men off so much and somehow change that.
    I really don't have an answer, yes they have to be stopped now, but then the next crop have to be stopped before they grow up too.
    I know that the west needs to stop meddling in political affairs in other countries and fix our own problems first. I also know that the US is a war country whose economy is based heavily on war and selling armaments.
    Not a good mix in my mind.
    Or maybe all the sci fi movies are right and the end of humanity is just a murderous mess.
    Sorry if my thoughts are a bit jumbled but I am on strange drugs for an autoimmune thing happening in me.

  2. Thanks Pete. I don't know the answer. But i do believe the world must unite against murderous regimes.