Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Aioli Recipe

Aioli recipe
•4 chopped garlic cloves
•1/2 tsp. salt
•1 tsp. lemon juice
•2-3 egg yolks
•1 1/2 cup olive oil
•1 tsp. fresh chopped oregano (optional)
Put the garlic, salt and herbs (if using) into a mortar and pound into a paste.
Add the lemon juice and egg yolks and pound some more, mixing and mashing well. Slowly drizzle in the olive oil, mashing and mixing and stirring all the while -- it should take a good 5 minutes to get all the oil incorporated. Towards the end stages I use a hand held whisk and slowly whisk to bring the mixture up to a creamy/fluffy consistency. Take your time. I take up to 1/2 hour even longer. Why use a mortar and pestle? Beacuse You get a far better texture and the mashing brings out more of the aroma of the garlic and herbs. Eat on Bread, pita like a spread, on fish, meat, whatever takes your fancy.
Keep in the fridge until needed. Cover, this aioli will last a week in the refrigerator

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