Saturday, May 21, 2011

ENGO's Pulp Mill double Game exposed.

...Industry representatives said the environmental groups gave a "clear commitment" not to oppose the mill proposed for the Tamar Valley, north of Launceston, subject to several conditions.

These included Gunns amending mill licence conditions to guarantee native forests were not used in its feedstock, and the industry embracing a transition out of native forest logging, into plantations.
A statement of principles signed by industry groups in October last year committed to a transition of most the industry out of native forests and to "a pulp mill".
In March, Gunns amended its federal approvals to rule out native woodchip feedstock, a move publicly hailed by the green groups -- The Wilderness Society, Environment Tasmania and the Australian Conservation Foundation.
However, industry participants in the talks were angered when, after a backlash from sections of their constituencies and the Greens, TWS and Environment Tasmania then hardened their positions against the mill. "The green groups gave a private commitment that they would not oppose the mill if there was a shift out of native forests and now they're reneging," one industry source said........ENGO's Pulp Mill double Game exposed. From The Oz.


  1. Oh god, it pisses me off no end that the failure of this project is going to get blamed on ENGOs. Of course the mobilized opposition to the project has been strong and effective, but the project ultimately failed because it was a bad idea in terms of making money, and nobody was interested in buying in.

    But now there'll be a shitload more polarizing talk about kooky, anti-business Greens from know-nothing-Andrew-Bolt-reading shitheads who couldn't make a dollar selling ice in the Sahara without buggering it up somehow unless the government was subsidizing them, for all they pretend to be capitalists.

    Pardon the French. It's all good news in terms of Bell Bay not smelling like egg farts, but the rhetoric does piss me off something awful.

  2. And for god's sake, the pretence from the likes of the Oz that Gunns' move into plantation feedstock for the mill having anything to do with the forest treaty negotiations . . . how do Australians tolerate all their newspapers being written by corrupt hacks?