Sunday, August 8, 2010

Updated 9.50am, 9/8/10 (see below) Updated 10.45pm......Van Wisse completes 1st crossing in 9hr23. Over halfway through return swim to Dover......Aussie John Van Wisse swimming the English Channel NOW. Attempting a TRIPLE crossing

Updated 9.50am.

From Twitter- "John stopped at lap no 2. Conditions were against him and he couldnt continue. Final time 19hrs 55mins"

Well done JVW. You have reduced the English Channel to a lap pool!. Awesome effort.

This tweet from Van Wisse support team at 10.40pm Sun aest

johnvanwisse "The white cliffs of Dover look quite impressive from 10 miles away. Sea has just calmed and the sun is shining down on The Van" :-)

14 minutes ago via mobile web

Only 3 people have done a triple previously, Alison Streeter (GB) was the last in 1990.

Phillip Rush (NZ) holds the record at 28 hrs 21 min.

Follow John's progress Hear and Here and Heresky

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