Saturday, August 21, 2010

Guy Barnett to lose Senate seat. Hallelujah! .....and Sex Party excited about the prospect of a Hung Parliament.

Have to say it warm the cockles to see the flag waving, monarch lovin, god-fearin, uber right Howardite Guy Barnett lose his seat. Hallelujah! Sorry Guy, there is one too many prudes in Abbott's Libs.
The Australian Parliament needs more progressive pollies.

Oh and did anyone see the rather unedifying catfight between the Guy and Eric Abetz on Sunday night's ABC news? Clearly no love lost between Eric and Guy. Straight out of church, Barnett took a swing at Abetz and others in the party for lumping him with the uncertain 3rd spot on the Liberal Senate ticket which ultimately led to Barnett's demise. Abetz retorted saying that Barnett never complained previously when he "rode on Abetz;s coat -tails". Ouch!
The biffo continued today and its now pretty clear that Abetz and Barnett hate each other and have failed sunday school.
I'm not sure what Jesus would have thought of the party's holiest getting down n dirty in front of all of Tasmania! Maybe is time for the squeaky clean Guy to seek out another political home. That is if you dont mind shedding the trappings Guy. Remember what the bible says? "Better a meal of vegetables where there is love than a fattened calf with hatred".

And speaking of riding others coat tails. How do you like our system.? Labor's Lisa Singh on the nose with punters and belted at the state election, then runs for the senate and gets a career promotion. Go figure???
A hung House of Reps and minor parties holding balance of power in senate should ensure greater check on executive power. Excellent outcome.
Would the election outcome have been different in the politicians graveyard and Rudd homestate Queensland if he'd been left to negotiate a solution with the miners? Check out Monday nights ABC Australian Story on one of Rudd's 'faceless' assassins, AWU president Paul Howes. Howes comes up looking rosy until the end of the programme which finishes with coverage of Howes at the tally room on Saturday night. Also, some unflattering outtakes at the end of the program. Plenty of questions left hanging over Howes, Shorten and the rest of Rudd's assassins. Though he will never admit it Rudd must feel secretly vindicated.

No doubt, Queensland killed Labor and Tasmania saved it from an outright loss. That should auger well for a long and prosperous future of pork barrelling in Tasmania - the new moonlight state.
If the Mad Monk does form government which is looking a real possibility the NBN could very quickly become the Liberals mining tax equaivalent. Placating rural and regional Australia will require a lot of sweeteners if the punters are to agree to remain in the dark ages with the coalition for a few more years. Thats should mean even more money being thrown at Tassie.
Note to Richard Colbeck and other Loony Liberal senators. Polls have repeatedly shown Tasmanians dont want another cent of public money spent subsidising Gunns poxy part foreign owned pulp mill proposal. Remember Richard, your party is meant to be the party of the free market. See the conflict Richard?
We dont want our state turned into a war zone anymore than it already is thanks chaps, nor does the Liberal party want its vote to plunge further towards the earths core, so let Gunns and the rent seeking Tasmanian logging industry find their own backers!
Incredible result if Wilkie takes Dension. The punters love a credible independent. Greens also look to have balance of power in the Senate.
And word is the Australian sex party, who rightly argues that Australia is overrun with prudish politicians (sorry Guy) and that government should get out of our bedrooms, are excited about the prospect of a Hung Parliament.
The big question is, will we be hung to the left (Gillard) or hung to the right (Abbott)?
The Sex Party swing to the left and so do we here at TPOS, however the vote is in so we will just have to wait and see.

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