Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Wilkie ahead by 1000 or so votes. May not know final result for two weeks. Antony Green is calling Wilkie as the likely winner. Gee i hope so. The Labor and Liberal organisations are inherently selfish and need to be sent a serious message. The days of big party dominance in Southern Tasmania may never be seen again. I certainly hope so. Government of the people, for the people, by the people. Not by the party.

On another far more important matter, i managed 30km ride in the rain today. I seem to be avoiding the hills though which is pretty hard to do in the Tamar Valley. Must ride uphill soon. Also swam 2km yesterday with Lunch crew. Swimming lazy though and avoiding pain. I am one of the best swimmers in the group but am lazing around at the back of the train. Must swim into hurt cupboard soon. Knee still sore no so have to take running slowly.


  1. Hello hello,

    Really must know what you think of this:


  2. Hey La Spliffe. I think the report tells us nothing that we dont already know. Loggers want greenies to support the TV Pulp Mill but the greenies wont. Cleverly worded report which will suck of a lot readers in who dont read things properly. Nothing there though.

  3. I bet you ten bucks Edwards was the one who leaked it himself.