Saturday, March 5, 2011

What Would Happen? What IF?

  • What if senior logging industry lobbyists, senior figures in FT, powerful former politicians and powerful former board members of a certain large woodchip company were REALLY, TRULY happy for Gunns to fall over?
  • What if these same people didnt like the new Gunns CEO and his mamby pamby plans to establish Gunns as a girly plantation based company that was reasonably civil to people instead of suing them?
  • What if they liked the old guard more and wanted to see the new Gunns fail? 
  • What if these same people were happy to see Gunns and that stupid greeny driven forest peace deal fail because they believed that forest policy should be dictated to the community and not arrived at peacefully?
  • What if these same people wanted Tasmania to just continue logging native forest ad nauseum and sold to whom ever will buy it?
  • What if these same people were closely aligned in their aims and objectives with a large political party?
  • What if some of these people were perhaps consulting?? and connected to say a large asian pulp and paper company and fancied the idea of a native forest based pulp mill in Tasmania?
  • Nah. Thats crazy!
  • What if these people were happy to see Gunns fall over and Tasmania have a %100 foreign owned native forest based pulp mill say run by a big asian pulp and paper company?
  • What if we were faced with the bizarre situation where the only people effectively giving Gunns and its hugely unpopular pulp mill a lifeline were Environment Groups.
  • What if these Environment Groups starting behaving like environment groups instead of small l Logging insdustry advocates?
  • What if these Environment Groups said the price to be paid for trying to save native forests through the current forests peace deal is to high and too all encompassing?
  • What if these Environmental groups were faithful to their members, supporters and the people of the Tamar Valley and said we will 'never ever, not under any circumstances, ever support a pulp mill in the Tamar Valley and instead resumed a vigorous campaign against the project?
  • What would happen to Gunns and the Tamar Valley Pulp Mill?
  • What would happen to these Environmental groups and their increasingly damaged brands?

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