Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Archer wins 5th Denison seat

Liberal's Elise Archer has picked up the 5th seat in Dension.

Archer has beaten independent Andrew Wilkie by 350 votes after the cut up of preferences. The Greens' Paul O'Halloran should get the 5th seat in Braddon. Archer's win will come as great news for those who profit from pokies & the right wing of the Liberal party but it spells bad news for addicted gamblers.

Former Liberal candidate Sue Hickey and Archer had a famous stoush at the Taste of Tasmania a few months ago. The incident was reported to Police and Ms Hickey demanded a public apology from Archer.
There were calls at the time for Hodgman to cut Archer loose. Lucky for the Libs he didn't.

Archer's election along with Mick Ferguson, Rene Hidding and Jacquie Petrusma will ensure Tasmanians have a squeaky clean and god-fearin' parliament.

Don't worry about clashes over forestry busting up a minority. Wait till the Greens introduce socially progressive legislation around euthanasia, sex workers and abortion.

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