Sunday, March 14, 2010

Open air water forum

Attended the 1pm Open air water forum in Civic square in Launceston.
I estimate 250 people were in attendance.
Pete Cundall, Kim Booth (greens bass), Jeremy Ball (greens LCC), Margie Dockray and Mike Scott (Lilydale community) , Vica Bayley (wildo's) and Todd Walsh (Freshwater Crayfish expert) all spoke.
Jeremy Balls speech was particularly compelling. One of the best I have heard Jezza deliver.
Ball has a big future ahead in state politics.
The media attended and hopefully we will see some coverage on the box tonight.

Tomorrow night I will attend the 'Examiners" leaders debate in Launceston.
It will be very interesting to see how the Examiner conduct this event and who attends.
The debate itself will make little difference to the election outcome 5 days later, but it will provide senior Examiner staff a good opportunity to rub shoulders with politicians and perhaps further their own future political aspirations. What the public will get from the event?? Who knows. Probably very little.

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