Friday, March 12, 2010

Here we go.

Welcome to my blog cyber-friends.
Hopefully this blog will accomodate those with an interest in the Tasmanian public sphere who are not satisfied by traditional Tasmanian media.


  1. Good on you Rick.

    We are still on track to stop the pulp mill. I saw three women in Wellington St tonight, with 'vote Green' and 'stop the mill' banners. At least they are getting on with the job while certain others walk off into the desert, following the great leaders. Conspiracy theories reign when they listen to Machiavelli.

    Saw a great sticker tonight on a parked car. It said:
    "It's your decision, vote Green or Gunns."


  2. Thanks Garry.
    You are free to speak your mind here.
    I will be voting Green at this election also.
    For me there is no other choice in Tasmania. There are in fact only three political forces in Tasmania. The lib/labs, the greens and the people of Tasmania. Lets hope the latter two join forces at the coming election.
    Keep supporting the site mate and tell your friends. I will put up a new article everyday this week.