Sunday, March 28, 2010

Politics and Sport

Good first up win for St.kilda in a danger game v Sydney at home.
Kozitschke will be suspended after video review. Saints 8th after first round.
Collingwood looked awesome today against the doggies. Watch for the pies to climb the premiership betting this week. As I write Fremantle are home by around ten goals against Adelaide at Subiaco.

The Mad Monk (opposition leader Tony Abbott) finished the Australian Ironman Champs in 13hr57min which is great time for him. Great effort. I still wouldnt vote for him in a month of Sundays and I think his brand of politics would be more at home in developing democracies or places like Tasmania or the N.T.
It will be interesting to watch Abbott's mood over the next week as an IM race demands some recovery.
The Government should appear publicly supportive of Abbott's athletic exploits and let the mad monk bury his own PM aspirations which in time I am quite sure he will.

Tasmanian Election
We should know more this week about the final make-up of our Lower House.
O'Halloran should get the 5th Green seat by staying ahead of the Liberal god-botherer Brett Whiteley.
I hope so. We have enough religous influences in the parliament. It wont hurt to lose one.
Indeed I predicted long ago that should Will Hodgman be made Premier he WILL have to watch his back as the pharisees of the party will be aching to anoint their boy Michael Ferguson to the top job.
Should Will ever falter in the polls he will be quickly sin binned and Fergy will be anointed pontif of the party room (well behind Eric Abettz that is). But hey, whatever god wills Michael?
p.s I loved Richard Herr's commentary on the election this last week particularly on the power sharing and how things will play out after the results are final. Herr is the best in the business.

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