Sunday, June 20, 2010

Anatomy of a conspiracy theory. How to spot the nutter in your midst

Conspiracy theories are fringe theories, peddled by fringe dwellers.
More often than not conspiracy theories eminate from religious, political & ideologically driven cults which are often populated by maladjusted cranks who have become isolated from society.
Indeed, committed conspiracy theorists are often angry & emotionally dysfunctional people who have backgrounds of substance abuse and are attracted to churches and extreme political & environmental groups which offer quick fixes and simple solutions to personal and social problems. Though he/she would not hear of it, a committed conspiracy theorist is actually less committed to moral convictions as they are to his/her own anger.

A conspiracy theory is normally characterised by a cunning, complex & covert plot. The aim of the conspiracy theories author is usually to expose persons or groups who most of us generally percieve as good but the conspiracy theorist is convinced is actually involved in secrecy, treachery & deceit.
Indeed, some conspiarcy theorists regard themselves as whistleblowers even martyrs.

Conspiracy theories rely on speculation. They speculate wildly on the motives and actions of persons or groups, are rarely supported by conclusive evidence, and are usually unfair & inaccurate giving little credo to the principles of natural justice. Obsessive conspiracy theorist's are malicious, get very nasty & often revert to abusive, hate filled, ad hominem attacks on their targets.

More often than not peddlers of conspiracy theories will cling obsessively & fervently to their theories against all reason and pleas to see alternate points of view. It is almost impossible to convince a obsessed conpiracy theorist to give up their pet conspiracy theroy. Attempts to speak reason to the conspiracy theorist are often met with aggression, anger and abuse & usually result in frustration for the friend or therapist who is attempting to help.

It is because of this mindset that conspiracy & democracy cannot live together. Democracy suffers where conspiarcy thrives.

Here is an absolute TEXTBOOK case study of a conspiracy theory website.
I feel sorry for the nutters behind this website. If it werent so tragic it would be hilarious.

If you recognise a conspiracy theory in your local church or environment group, for the sake of your own mental health, give them a wide berth.



  1. Russell LangfieldJune 21, 2010 at 6:55 AM

    "Conspiracy theories rely on speculation."

    Funny, so does the stockmarket.

    "More often than not peddlers of conspiracy theories will cling obsessively & fervently to their theories against all reason and pleas to see alternate points of view."

    Funny, so do Governments and industries (eg: Tasmanian LibLabs, forestry and Gunns).

  2. Given the way in which democracy has suffered so much abuse, and for so long, in Tasmania, conspiracy theories have clearly been thriving here for decades.