Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Is corporate brown nose Peter Gutwein spruiking for a job on the new foreign owned Gunns?

Dont you love Pulp Mill Peter Gutwein. Like Baghdad Bob, the iraqi war minister for information selling the world the idea that the rampaging US military were being slaughtered by Saddas tin pot army.
Peter Gutwein should consider a career in comedy.
I put a question to Peter Gutwein at a public forum in Scottsdale just before the 2010 election.
I asked him how any jobs there would be for Tasmanians to walk into at an operational longreach pulp mill?
He either couldnt or wouldnt answer the question.
What i got was the usual cocky, evasive non-answer that i have come to expect from the Tasmanin Liberal party.
I have asked CFMEU & Labor bovver boy Scott Mclean the same question. Nothing.
I put the same question to Will Hodgman on radio and got the same result. Nothing.
After nearly 6 years on the books they still cannot tell Tasanians how much local employment the proposed mill will provide in return to Tasmanians
In the Press release below Gutwein is now saying the proposed mill will provide hundreds of Jobs for Tasmanians.
What happened to the 2000 new full time jobs for Tasmanians the former Premier Paul Lennon promised (cheered on by Mr Gutwein and his Liberal colleagues) when he rammed the pulp mill through the parliament?
Even the construction unions Tony Benson recently said Tasmanians would be lucky to secure any of the employment during the construction of the pulp mill let alone during its operation.

One more thing Mr Gutween. The proposed Gunns pulp mill is dead.

Peter, if you had looked up from your tissue box and your John Gay photo album recently you may have heard the news that the remaining Gunns board have all enrolled in foreign language classes at TAFE. Thats right Pete.

Any pulp mill now will be Gunns eight dragons or Gunns Jackie Chan pulp mill.

Smoked Salmon & Cesar Salad will soon be off the Menu at the Lindsay street cafeteria and will soon be replaced by combination chow min & wanton soup
It was mentioned in the press yesterday that the reason why Chinese companies could be showing interest in Gunns is beacuse they are less concerned with corporate ethics issues than the Japanese.
Whilst this is pretty obvious what does it say about the future direction of the company that Stephen Mayne describes as Australia's most ethically challenged being taken over by one of the world's most ethically challenged regimes?

Oh yeah Mr Gutwein, that will be a huge step forward in Gunns battle to gain the company a social licence.
The idea of the already unwanted pulp mill being chinese owned will go down like a cup of cold vomit with the 100,000 people in Launceston and the Tamar Valley.
If the Tasmanian Govt and Mr Gutwein's jellyfish opposition continue to spruk a Chinese owned Gunns Tamar Valley Pulp mill they may as well just go to the next election with "Don't Vote for Us" campaign slogan.
Here is Pulp Mill Pete's media release.....

The proposed Gunns' pulp mill is an essential part of the forestry industry's future.
There is no doubt that a clean, safe pulp mill will provide certainty in a region hit hard by the forestry crisis. It will provide jobs for hundreds of Tasmanians and will value-add to a sector that is crying out for diversification.
The Tasmanian Liberals remain 100% behind a clean, safe pulp mill being built at the Longreach site.
However, we now have a Labor-Green Cabinet that is split on this issue. David Bartlett has previously said he supports the pulp mill, while Nick McKim and Cassy O'Connor oppose it.
It is now up to the Premier to make clear the position of the Labor-Green Government. Do they support the pulp mill or not?
This is the time for David Bartlett to stand up and show some leadership. Tasmania simply cannot afford for him to go weak at the knees and cave in to his Green coalition partners.


  1. The good news is if APRIL (likeliest) is the buyer they probably won't be interested in building the mill. They have a massive pulp line sitting idle in Indonesia because of a woodchip shortage, and on top of that they're likely about to have a bunch of logging licenses there revoked because of Norway making that billion dollar climate change deal. And on top of that, a massive pulp plant in China coming online at the end of the month. Unlikely to need anything from the deal except Gunns' existing assets.

    The bad news is that they aren't likely to care much about FSC-acceptable forestry practices. Their customers will see the move, even if it involves carrying on a legacy of nalpalming old growth forests, as a really credible environmental step up, because you don't have any cute orangutans in Tasmania.

    If I were you I'd fly some in, feed them Viagra, get them to breed and release them. Post-haste. Your native animals are adorable but not quite anthropomorphic enough.

  2. If there is a wittier and more erudite anthropod in the blogosphere than Mistress La Spliffe I am yet to meet here.
    Thank you for your musings on the Jackie Chan pulp mill la spliffe.