Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Premier "Backflip" Bartlett reaffirms support for Pulp Mill. Greens Kim Booth to introduce legislation repealing PMAA & Permits.

From ABC news online
Gunns boss looks for new way forward
The chief executive of the Tasmanian timber giant Gunns has foreshadowed a new direction for the company after the resignation of its high-profile chairman.
Mr L'Estrange has given his first television interview since John Gay severed all ties with the company last month amid pressure from disgruntled shareholders.
Gunns shares hit a low of 26 cents recently after the company posted a 98 per cent fall in its half yearly profit but the stock has gained ground since Mr Gay's departure and yesterday closed at 46 cents.
Mr L'Estrange has told ABC1's 7:30 Report that the recent interest shown by foreign investors is a positive sign.
"I think the company is moving more away from conflict as a means of resolving issues to, how do we actually sit down and work for resolution," he said.
Pulp mill support
The Premier has reaffirmed the State Government's support for the company's pulp mill proposal in northern Tasmania.
The Greens' Kim Booth used yesterday's Question Time to ask David Bartlett if the Government had stopped supporting the pulp mill project.
"Will you now make a commitment that in this new Bartlett government that all government support and expenditure of public money will cease?"
Mr Bartlett did not refer to financial support for the mill in his repines.
He would only say that the government wanted to extract as much value out of harvested trees as possible.
"That is why we support a clean, world class technology pulp mill in Tasmania," he said.
Mr Booth says he will soon table legislation aimed at repealing the pulp mill's approval and revoking its permits.

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