Thursday, June 3, 2010

CBA ditches Gunns shares


  1. Hello to all, it seems at last the CBA has seen the light!
    Some 8-12 months ago I queried with CBA if they were a party to the Equator Principles, then as to their ownership of large holdings of Gunns Ltd shares, No, was the saintly words in their initial letter of response?

    A further email letter sent by myself resulted in a slightly varied response, suggesting that some shares were held by an affiliate to the CBA rather than themselves?

    My 3rd email questioning the evasive stand taken by the CBA and that my claim that this little affiliate was in fact a major component of their investment arm of 'Colonial 1st State,' did finally draw some degree of acceptance, this was to say that Colonial 1st State operated in an entirely different manner than the Bank themselves.
    No further correspondence ensuing after this 3rd response from CBA Bank.

    Respectful regards,