Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gunns CEO agrees to attend Friends of the Tamar Valley No Pulp Mill meeting. Wednesday December 1st 7.30pm Tailrace Centre, Riverside.

At today's Gunns AGM a few Tamar Valley residents extended an invitation to Gunns shareholders, the Board and Gunns staff to attend next Wednesdays (Dec1) No Pulp Mill Public Meeting at 7.30pm at the Tailrace in Riverside. Greg L'Estrange reportedly said he will definitely be there. He now has an FTV flyer with written details as well.
Industrial corporations with PR problems the world over will attempt to soften up or cuddle up to communities and key stakeholders as a means to win support for their projects. No doubt L'Estrange will claim his attendance as evidence of Gunns "community consultation" on the Pulp Mill.
However local mill opponents have already shown they are in no mood to be pacified or patronised with slick corporate platitudes. Indeed, L'Estrange's pleas to a tired, cynical  and increasingly impatient community that Gunns are ready to consult 6 and 1/2years after the mill was first proposed is regargded as damage control, window dressing, ludicrous and deeply offensive in the Tamar community.
It has been said that Gunns new round of community consulation is akin to a bully beating the living daylights out of the kids at school, getting expelled, but then demanding that the school take him back, the kids forgive him because the bully now realises he needs his school certificate.

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