Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pulp bits

Did anyone hear  independent (cough,cough) pulp and paper bloke Robert Eastment, on ABC Radio Hobart last friday?
Eastment effectively said that Gunns CEO Greggles The Strange was being nice to us poor fools in tassie because in most other places in the world where pulp mills are being built the populus are just told to shut up and wear it!
Gee Bob, how is that so different than what has occurred here?
Isnt the only difference that Greg "the million dollar man" L'Estrange is trying to ram his pulp mill down our throat with a smile, better media lines and without the help of the military?
Eastments statement also hints at the fact that large kraft pulp mills tend to be constructed in regions where basic democratic rights are either not recognised or easily trampled.
Makes sense when one considers Paul Lennons hideous and roundly condemned Pulp Mill assessment act legislation with its unprecedented section 11.
Still we dear little Tasweenies whould be grateful that Greggles hasnt just ordered the government to lock us all up.
That would never happen would it?


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