Friday, November 26, 2010

Wilderness reaffirm opposition to Tamar mill proposal. Oosting refuses industry pleas to back Tamar Mill. Vica Bayley says mill ' too far gone to be gain social licence'.

Despite some of TWS recent clumsy attempts at treading a fine diplomatic following its peace negotiations with the logging industry, it was good to see the Wildo's protesting against the pulp mill at the Gunns AGM and reaffirming their absolute opposition to the proposed Gunns Pulp Mill in the Tamar Valley.

There is a perception that TWS are only concerned about forests in relation to the mill, however TWS continue to highlight the other serious environmental flaws in the Tamar proposal like ocean and air pollution, risks to local food and wine producers as well as the incredibly shonky political approval process and the overwhelming community opposition. Whilst there is no doubt TWS have softened their public campaign against the mill as some sort of deal to secure HCV forests, the Wilderness Society continue to vigorously campaign against the proposed Tamar Valley Pulp Mill behind the scenes and have pledged their absolute support and continued assistance to Tamar Valley anti-pulp mill groups.

Senior TWS forests campaigner Vica Bayley recently told ProPrint the proposed Gunns Tamar Valley mill would never win community acceptance and that the project was "too far gone to receive a social licence"."As long as the project has been approved having been fast-tracked and using inadequate processes, it can never be accepted by the community. For that, they'll have to go back to the drawing board," said Bailey

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  1. TWS are gutless for selling out the Tamar Vally. You
    wasted years on Oosting and his dopey plan. Where has this bullshit got us?