Friday, November 26, 2010

Gunns sends more workers to the wall then puts hand out for public money compo....Kim Booth furious says Gunns should pay compo and stand on own feet...Premier says no compo for Gunns

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Booth Spray
......Gunns Limited have already been the beneficiaries of hundreds of millions of dollars in public subsidies, they receive a virtually free wood supply due to arrangements with the out-of-control agency Forestry Tasmania, and if anyone should be paying compensation it is Gunns, not the long-suffering taxpayer," said Mr Booth.

"Gunns are restructuring because business as it stands has collapsed, and there is no way that any more public money should be paid to bail them out. Enough is enough.".....

Premier says no compo for Gunns.
.....Greens MP Kim Booth says it is a joke.

"Gunns are a rent-seeking company that's lived on the public purse for many many years and it's way past time they were weaned off the public teat and started producing profits through their own efforts rather than robbing the public purse," he said..

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