Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Gunns told the ASX the Forest Statement of Principles says and what the Forest Statement of Principles actually says

What Gunns told the ASX the Forest statement of Principles says - “The signing of the Tasmanian Forests Statement of Principles between industry and environmental groups last year recognises that a pulp mill is critical to the forest industry.”

'Critical' you say Mr Gunns?

What the Forest Statement of Principles actually says - "Create a strong sustainable timber industry including the development of a range of plantation based timber processing facilities including a pulp mill".

This is the only reference to 'a pulp mill' in the forest statement of principles.

And what exactly does this mean Mr L'Estrange?? - "Stakeholder engagement in respect of the mill project, and the company’s broader business activities, has been significantly extended, with permanent processes established to maintain and develop our community engagement".


  1. That 'only' pulp mill has only one 'proponent'
    and only 2 conditions. Its the Gunns pulp mill because TWS sold out the Tamar Valley.

  2. Its appears some in TWS have. There are still some good people in TWS though who need your support to overthrow the baddies.
    But tell me grasshopper, do you think the regulator will ever come down on Gunns?

  3. How do we know who are the 'good' TWS people? Could you give us a list to follow?

  4. Why dont you suggest some names or do you think every single individual working for TWS in Tasmania belongs to the Cadman/Oosting faction?
    I warn you though, any smear and innuendo will be rejected. You can take those sorts of comments over to the Tasmanian Times whom i'm sure will publish them for you.