Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wilkie is right. While most Tasmanians dont support Gunns proposed Tamar Valley pulp mill, they do probably do support the concept of a pulp mill of some type, somewhere, sometime in Tasmania. Despite what you and I think.


If there is one thing i distrust and dislike almost as much as the crappy gunns pulp mill which has torn this state apart for the last 6 years it is ideological hardliners and puritans. These people are allergic to rational thought, enslaved to their peer group and often lose the ability to think for themselves. They can be very dangerous.
When the dark greens begin to take Andrew Wilkie to task because he believes that most Tasmanians would not oppose 'a pulp mill' they do so out of fear and insecurity. You simply cannot reason with ultra hardliners.
Phrases like 'support pulp mill' 'hampshire' and 'not opposed to a pulp mill' elicit an immediate reaction as they rush for the keyboard, going into emotional paroxysms and intellectual anaphalaxis. As fear, emotion and insecurity take over, reasonable and rational thought and even friendships go out the window. Nothing is more important than the idea or the principle.

For what its worth Andrew Wilkie. Dont get into a debate with the puritans and pharisees. Avoid them. dont give them oxygen. You might want to take the phone of the hook and screen those emails to too. Some of these people dont know where to draw the line as they cant get their narrow minds around the fact that most people dont belong to and therefore think like the far left.
When these people have knocked on the doors and canvassed the amount of Tasmanians you have they might be qualified to have an opinion. Keep working to stop Gunns proposed Tamar Valley Mill Andrew, keep calling it the way you see it and dont allow yourself to be cowed or bullied by the left or the right side of politics.

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