Monday, July 19, 2010

16 cars pile up in 3 seperate prangs on East Tamar highway

16 cars piled up in 3 seperate prangs on the ET highway due to fog. And the state government are prepared to see a doubling of log truck traffic on this road with the proposed Longreach pulp mill.

We Tamar Valley locals know that fogs occur in Autumn and Winter on still nights in the valley making driving dangerous. The RPDC warned that this problem would be worsened with a tonne of water vapour expelled into the atmosphere for every tonne of pulp produced. In Alabama, USA, there is a drying facility that produces water vapour in similar quantities and this produces 'white-outs' on local highways that have been responsible for multiple pile-ups and deaths.
Lets hear our infrastructure ministers explain why adding a log truck plague to Tamar Valley roads is not a massive risk to human life.

and from the Examiner...

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