Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sports news and getting fitter

Well my life took a turn for the better this wek when my wife let me get an AUSTAR package. Oh my freakin god I'm in heaven. Speaking of heaven and pay tv i was able to watch the saints v melb game at home today rather than slink off down to the pub. This time of year is pure sporting heaven as we are smack in the middle of the European summer. World cup foodball, Le tour (more on that later), wimbledon, and AFL as usual plus any other god dam sport I wanna watch!

One sport i couldnt watch today was triathlon - the European Ironman champs in which 5 time OZ Ironman and Hawaii IM winner, Chris Mccormack came a respectable 3rd. The winner was a german named Andreas Raelert who is name to watch for at this years Hawaii Ironman in October.

In the next week or so I will have an exclusive Q&A with Tassie's own triathlon champ Joe Gambles who is now based in Boulder in the U.S. I know that Joe is recovering from an Achilles tendon injury and i wish him well.
Also watch out for Tasmanian cyclist Wesley Sulzberger who is riding the Tour de France with the Francais de juex team. Wes is from Flowery Gully in the Tamar Valley.

Yours truly is slowly getting fitter and hoping to get in some sort of shape for a race or two this summer.
Running is improving slowly, swimming around 10k/week and getting a few rides in. Still too fat.


  1. A great stage 1 into Bruxelles last night. Carnage everywhere but sadly one Aussie out with a broken colalrbone. Just makes you want to get out on the bike till you look oustdie and the fog is that thick you can't see your own backyard and oh yeah it's only 0 degrees!!! Nights nearly over then back on the training horse again!!

  2. Geez what a night for sport... TGF - Cadel #1, andy for the stage win, Webber puts Vettel in his arrogant little German place (no offence to Germans) and shut Red Bull up, The who gives a toss world cup for sooks is finally over, Pies win, heaven on a stick....
    Pies / Saints next Saturday afternoon BBBBIIIIGGG game for both teams. Also need to push for a bit of duck TDF soon.

  3. Indeed Luke. As Roy & HG would say..."too much sport is never enough".
    Next weekend could be a good,n for duck.
    I have ausstar now!! can you believe it. Actually havent been watching that much except for afl on foxsports and..wait for vs wild!