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Exclusive Q&A with Launceston's international triathlon champ Joe Gambles.

Professional triathlete Joe Gambles was kind enough to answer a few questions for Tasmanian Politics & other stuff.
These days Joe is based in Boulder, Colorado in the U.S which is now a mecca for international athletes.
During the Australian Summer Joe returns to Launceston for some off season training and family catch up.

I first met joe when i moved to Launceston in 1996 and joined a local run training squad. Joe must have been around 14 at the time and already showing an obvious talent for running.
It would have been about this time Joe took up triathlon.
In 1998 a mate and I were competing in the Tamar Valley classic, a yachting, bike and running race. My mate and I had the running legs covered and very fast boat but were scouting round for a good cyclist.
One sunday I dropped into symmons plains to watch a local duathlon and saw Joe who must have been 16 at the time putting some of the best bike/runners in the state to the sword.
His cycling was particularly impressive.
If joe hadnt have dropped a chain, he would have won the race that day.
I went back and told my mate, 'I think I have found us a cyclist'.
Joe joined our team, snuck under the handicappers guard & slayed some very good local roadies, putting a few noses out of joint in the process. My mate and I ran well and we were looking good for the win until our yacht was demasted.
Despite being out of the race for overall honors, Joe still picked up a heap of prizes for his exploits on the bike and arrived as a gun cyclist and a genuine triathlon prospect.

These days Joe is regarded as one of the strongest cyclist in the sport of triathlon and one of the best triathletes over the half-ironman (70.3) distance in the world racking up multiple wins and podiums on the lucrative U.S scene. I believe that Joe is realistic chance to win the Hawaii Ironman in the future.
TPOS (Tas Politics & Other stuff)
J.G (Joe Gambles)

TPOS: First up Joe. How is your season going and what are your major goals?

J.G: I have only raced once so far and it went well. I came 2nd at Wildflower to the current 70.3 world champion and fellow TREK/KSWISS team member Michael Raelert. This was the 6th time I had raced Wildlfower and this was my fastest time at 4hrs 1min.

TPOS: If you were not a pro triathlete what career would you have pursued?

J.G: Something in event/athlete management/marketing

TPOS: Have you decided on when and where you will do your first IM? How about giving me the scoop?

J.G: I will return to race Abu Dhabi next year if they have the race. Or I will race either ironman Oz or Nz and see how it goes.

TPOS: Who owes their parents more money. You or Portey

J.G: I'm pretty sure Portey!

TPOS: Do you make enough money these days to train full-time. If so, how long has that been the case?

J.G: Yes, I haven't had a proper job since March 2008. If I didn't start racing in the USA I think I would be still have to work a part-time job to support my career as an athlete. Triathlon, especially Ironman events are a lot bigger than in Oz.

TPOS: Here is your chance to plug your sponsors Joe. Who are they and what difference do they make to your career?

J.G: This year the TREK/KSWISS triathlon team was formed and I am one of the nine members of the team. I was already with KSWISS in 2009 and when this opportunity came up I jumped at it. I am also sponsored by Ascend which is a Melbourne based nutrition company specialising in Protein recovery products. I am also sponsored by Aquasphere wetsuits and goggles, Prologo saddles, Spider-tech tape and Oakley.

TPOS: Have you been inspired by your old riding buddy Portey and his recent exploits in the Giro?

J.G: For sure, he has done a fantastic job and deserves his success. It just goes to show that Tasmanians can achieve anything if they work hard and want it badly enough.

TPOS: Describe an average day for Joe Gambles including training volumes?

J.G: 3-4hr ride with 60-90min of TT efforts - 75min threshold swimming work out (4-5km) - 45-60min run

TPOS: Are you still a vegetarian and do you believe that has helped you athletically?

J.G: Of course! I wouldnt have it any other way. I recover very quickly as my body doesnt have to waste precious energy trying to digest a dead carcass!

TPOS: Finally Joe, will you eventually settle in Tassie when you retire or can you see yourself staying in the U.S

J.G: I would really like to do both and continue living the life style that I do at the moment. I would take on the role of a coach/manager and have a elite stable of athletes that look after around the world.

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