Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Liberal party links with Gunns

We know that Bass Federal Labor candidate Geoff Lyons is locked into support for the unpopular Tamar Valley mill proposal, but did you know that Liberal candidate Steve Titmus is another in a long line of Tasmanian Liberal politicians with close links to the big logger? It just never stops.
Tasmanian Liberal party president Sam Mcquestin's close links to Gunns are well known as are former Tasmanian Liberal Premier Robin Gray who until recently was long serving Gunns board member. We also know that state Liberals Rene Hidding and Peter Gutwein worship the ground former Gunns CEO John Gay walks on and so it goes

Whilst Antony Greens election website tells us..... "46 year-old Titmus started his career in journalism as a cadet at the Launceston Examiner. He later worked in Tasmania and in Adelaide as a television journalist and presenter before joining Southern Cross television in Tasmanian in 1992 as sports editor and presenter, becoming the news anchor in 1997. He read the news until 2002 when his contract was not renewed because of a perceived conflict of interest with his dual role as a public relations consultant for Gunns. For a short period he was news director at Win Television".......

Titmus own website is silent on his work history with Gunns -  or
Why the silence Steve?


An interesting article from The Age on the Liberal and Labor candidates for bass..

From The Age ........
......."Liberal candidate Steve Titmus, a former TV journalist and until recently development officer for the Tasmanian Chamber of Industry, has been on the ground since last September.Titmus, 46, is a hard-headed campaigner, as one of his former media roles shows. When the timber giant Gunns Limited realised it had an image problem, Titmus was hired to do what he calls ''vignettes'' - TV ads in which he extolled Gunns' virtues as a good neighbour". ()

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