Thursday, July 15, 2010

Polleys crackers

Member for Lyons (my electorate) Michael Polley reckons he is "doing the best he could by the Lyons electorate and the people and communities he had represented for the past 38 years in the Tasmanian Parliament".
Hands up who has seen this bloke in the electorate?
Polley is of course one of the biggest advocates of putting Gunns pulp mill in your Tamar Valley.
No wonder we never see him here except for a few signs when elections roll round.
Apparently Polley and labor had a big bag of crackers leading up to the election.
For once i agree with Ivan Dean who said of Polley's big bag of election crackers ...."the money was being used mainly by Labor Party MPs as a "slush fund" to win votes. "It is hugely disturbing that so much money has been handed out in such a way almost exclusively by Labor Party members," Read about Polleys pork barrel in The Mercury - here )

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