Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bureaucracy's revenge by Sue Neales, The Mercury

................."Why is the only person to lose his or her job over the horrific case of the 12-year-old Hobart girl sold for sex while a state ward the man who wrote the pivotal report first revealing the magnitude of the gross systemic failures and inadequacies within government?

How much then has Mr Mason been made the scapegoat for a sad and sorry affair that has bought no credit on the Bartlett Government?
How much is it a case of shoot the messenger or, more pertinently, the whistleblower, so a government and its ministers can avoid shouldering responsibility for the shocking case of the forsaken young girl and hope community outrage peters out?
And how much, too, is this about -- as Mr Mason believes -- a government wanting an excuse to get rid of a troublesome thorn in its side or to take retribution against an independent official who dared to criticise the Government and, in so doing, cause it political harm?"........ Read more here

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