Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Calls for Thorp resignation growing

Read the Commissioner for Children's Report here
Sue Neales. The Mercury - 'How the state falied a 12yr old girl' 
Sue Neales. The Mercury - 'Pollies Dodge Blame'

Check out the selection of public comments below, taken from The Mercury online. - Ouch!!
See comments below and Read more here
"Do the right thing Lin - Resign. If you don't then you should be sacked. Your department failed and as a result you are RESPONSIBLE"

"Then we have the other issue of voting out this present lot of politician's that have made such a pigs foot of their responsibility with the consequent public outcry".

"In the name of everything that is right and proper this Minister must go and go now. This Minister owes it to each and every child in care to accept the responsibility on behalf of her failed Department and the appalling failures of her staff".

"If the greens had been in opposition they would have been screaming for the minister to resign over this or be sacked. Now their silence is deafening!!!

"Well Done Will Hodgman- I would love to second that motion along with the majority of the population"

"The time has come for Lin Thorp to "fall through the cracks"..

"Hear hear. I still can't believe that she was sunning in the Mediterranean at such a critical time".

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