Monday, October 25, 2010

TPOS Media Watch Feature. "Tamar mill backing: I made no such comment" - Geoffrey Cousins. The Tasmanian Times hits the wrong target.........again. Slapped on the wrists by Geoff to Monday's ABC Media Watch expose on Alan Jones dummy spit

TPOS Media Watch Feature

From the Tasmanian Times Website-

"Tamar mill backing: I made no such comment" - Geoffrey Cousins, 25.10.10 4:00 am..........
......"It has been drawn to my attention that you published an article by Peter Henning that stated I had suggested that I would support a pulp mill in the Tamar Valley as part of some arrangement on forest practices. I have made no such comment, either publicly or in private discussion.
Peter Henning may be confused by a comment I made on Lateline where I said a properly configured mill would be fine in Tasmania.  That statement was in line with everything I have said on this issue previously. It made no reference to the Tamar Valley. (Geoff Cousins)

Oh dear!
Yes I know it would be ironic but be warned, you may be out of luck if you think you can get a comment supportive of Cousins past the TT censors on this issue. Let this blog know if you submit a comment and it doesnt get published. 

Indeed, even TT's presentation of the Cousins rebuke is designed to minimise any potential embarrassment to the offending author with the abstract featured on the cover page of the Cousins piece taken from the most benign part of the Cousins comment.  

Now check out the offending article...........but oh where is it????.....It was there earlier.........I found it.............and then 5 minutes later when i went back, the site was down with this message  ......."Tasmanian Times is currently receiving a tune-up behind the scenes. As always redirect any comments/news/articles to We'll be back within the hour! We apologize for any inconvenience".

A little tune up that involved adding Cousins statement to the bottom of the offending article....
Now its back again...Here.
Check out the comments below the offending article and note how willing correspondents are to believe what they have just read and to leap on the Anti-Cousins bandwagon.

This article is also full of inference about Cousins.
I wouldnt be surprised if there are some more tune-ups to come over at TT! I did try an' tell em' Geoffrey, but they wouldnt listen

.........and..........ABC Media Watch Alan Jones expose

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