Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cutting a Deal. Will the historic pact save Tasmania's forests? from The Ethical Investor Magazine.

......“Gunns is still destroying high-conservation value forest as we speak, and they’re still committed to the Bell Bay pulp mill, that hasn’t changed,” .....“We’re in this moment of flux.”.
As a keen observer who has written extensively on the issue, Flanagan (Richard) blames the last 30 years of conflict on a scam – one that unhinged millions of dollars in state and federal government subsidies to make a handful of people rich at the expense of the public.
“It wasn’t really an industry – it was a racket. It if had ever been allowed to stand on its own two feet without massive taxpayer subsidy it would have collapsed straight away,” he said............

Read more in The Ethical Investor -An end to the plunder? Environmentalists and the industry agree on historic moratorium

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