Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Will Hodgman moves no confidence in Children's Minister Lin Thorp. Greens Leader Nick Mckim stands by Labor cabinet colleague.

"LIBERAL leader Will Hodgman has moved a motion of no confidence in Children's Minister Lin Thorp over the State Government's failure to properly protect a 12-year-old girl in state care from being prostituted by her mother and a family friend". Read more here - The Mercury


....."Ms Thorp was under siege. "I haven't got the capacity to answer your question as specifically as you would like," she told Parliament. Greens leader Nick McKim has told Parliament the Opposition is using the girl's "tragic circumstances" to score political points. "I believe that the Liberal Party has forgotten that in all cases the welfare of that child should be paramount," he said. "The Liberals have forgotten that, unfortunately, and very disappointingly have forgotten that because they see an opportunity to make some political mileage out of this issue. I find that despicable."....Read More here abc news online

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