Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dejavu. Gunns set to slash more jobs. 120 jobs could go in Western Australia as Gunns CEO primes for multi million dollar pay day

Gunns threatens to shut WA sawmill operations - pull out of state.
Manjimup in shock.

Wednesday, 06/10/2010............"The news comes after Gunns announced it would pull out of the forest logging sector in Tasmania. Mr DeCampo says the withdrawal will devastate the town, with about 120 workers likely to lose their jobs and hundreds more affected. "It makes me sick to the core to think of that and you know, this is little justice, but we're putting a team together to help cope with that," he says. But that will still never negate that finality of not having a job to go to next week."........................................Read more on ABC News online - here

......"Mr L’Estrange added the review could result in the company exiting the state. The ABC reported that Gunns could shut down the jarrah sawmill in the South-West in the next two weeks unless a buyer could be found. If there is no interest, the Deanmill operation will close in November, with the Manjimup processing centre to follow within 18 months. Around 120 people are employed in the South-West operations" more on Perth Now.

.............."THE small southwest logging town of Manjimup in Western Australia is bracing for a massive downturn. This follows Gunns's decision to pull out of the state's largest native forest mill and processing plant. Manjimup shire president Wade De Campo said the town would be debilitated by the loss of the mill and plant 300km south of Perth, which employed more than 600 people directly and indirectly"........ read more in The Australian


Gunns CEO Million Dollar pay day here and

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