Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bec Gibney set to leave us.....and..... Cundall wait on protest Verdict

......"Gibney was vilified in 2007 after expressing concerns about the impact of the pulp mill on the air and water quality of the Tamar Valley, where she and Bell were raising their young son Zac. The actor said that if the pulp mill was built, she would be forced to leave the Tamar valley and Tasmania. Local bottle shop owner Sam McQuestin – a former Liberal party president and Upper House candidate for the seat of Launceston – accused Ms Gibney of being a "serial complainer" and new arrival whose family made no contribution to the Tasmanian economy.
"I don't begrudge her moving down here to live but I don't think she has a right to tell the rest of us how to live our lives, when she has only come here in the short term," Mr McQuestin said.
The popular Gibney, at the time auditioning for a pilot of the top-rating Packed to the Rafters series, responded with the threat of legal action against Mr McQuestin.
"Here we have yet another attack on the mainlanders, [who are] investing vast amounts of money with a strong belief in the valley's future, only to be boorishly vilified by someone with connections to Gunns," Gibney said in a statement at the time". ...........Read More Here

Cundall article here

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