Wednesday, December 15, 2010

TAP spurns Gunns PR advances.

TAP warns against Gunns PR game. See TAP email below......

.......GUNNS HAVE HIRED A PR COMPANY TO PROVIDE THEM WITH A SOCIAL LICENSE. They are conducting interviews around Tasmania this week. Do NOT Speak To Pax Populus from Gunns. This is a PR firm that have promised Gunns a pulp mill 'social license'. TAP strongly advises against cooperating with them. They have been door knocking and asking for interviews etc. Gunns withdrew from the proper planning process because they knew they would be turned down. Our human rights were removed by section 11 and this conflict resolution group wants to ignore all that and give Gunns a license to operate. TAP does not want to engage with them at all. Be aware that any answers you give may be 'cherry-picked' to provide the results they want. This is the firm that interviewed residents for the original IIS. They conducted just 10 interviews in the whole Tamar valley!....

Pulp the Mill says no to Pax Populus........Pilko's inside take on the Gunns/Pax Populus PR push

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