Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sue Neales on Tasmanian Politics 2010. Nick Mckim and Cassy O'Connor "obsequiously silent"

.........."Too often, Mr McKim and Ms O'Connor have been obsequiously silent in parliamentary debates, when in the past they would have been the Government's most vocal critics. Think about this year's disturbing revelations about child protection. Or about Aurora ineptness, expensive renegotiated Hawthorn football deals, prison breakouts and broken Labor election promises on capping power price rises and spending.
And when it comes to new policies, it is hard to know exactly whether Mr McKim and Ms O'Connor are having the ameliorating effect they like to claim within Cabinet, because they, like all ministers, are bound by confidentiality.
Pragmatism in return for personal power is not a look the public likes much, particularly Tasmanian Greens supporters. Many, rightly or wrongly, are hailing MP Kim Booth, who refused to be part of any deal with the Government, as the only true Greens leader left"..........Read More in The Mercury

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