Thursday, December 16, 2010

West Tamar Mayor Barry Easther votes down Pulp Mill elector poll. Joy Allen, Rick Shegog, Trevor Roach and John Watson join Mayor to vote down democratic poll.

Congratulations to West Tamar Councillors Karl Stevens, Christine Holmdahl, Peter Kearney and Viv Tyson for reflecting the overwhelming feeling of the West Tamar municipality and attempting to give them a voice on the pulp mill issue.

Perhaps its time for the WTC ratepayers to call another public meeting and remind the Mayor, Joy Allen, Rick Shegog, Trevor Roach and John Watson about how ratepayers feel on this issue.
Read more from page 30 on the December 14 council meeting minutes


  1. I cant believe those 5 voted it down!
    Have Gunns got to them? Gunns have been schmoozing up to councils in the north.
    What is happening with the WTC?

  2. The 5 who voted against the motion are just an informal branch of the Liberal Party. This 'block' can and will be broken.

  3. I certainly hope so. We know that Gunns have been holding meetings with LCC including one on December 10 to attempt to get LCC to go pro-mill.
    It would be great to hear from one of our WT councillors about the meetings (if any) Gunns have held with WTC recently.

  4. TAP is updated on anything Gunns takes to this council. Apparently, since Frances Duffy and Tony Fletcher left there has been nothing.

  5. I'm very pleased that 'TAP' is updated.
    However it is vitally important that councillors update all West Tamar ratepayers about this important issue, not just close mates.
    It is the ratepayers that pay the wages of councillors, not any one grass roots community group (as important a role as TAP do have to play in the municipality).
    If I were a WT councillor i would be keeping a very close ear to the ground on any advances Gunns make towards other councillors.