Sunday, December 12, 2010

Polly Watch

A couple of months ago i argued that the Tasmanian Times had become - "A site dominated by a small band of narrow minded loony lefty mates whose politics are a weird hybrid of social insularism/Hansonism and vigilante environmentalism".

I was subseqently and rather predictably defamed and ridiculed by anonymous posters as TT relaxed its editorial grip on one or two of the sites nastier elements.
At one stage a contributor mocked me because i had argued that some of the extreme left elements were ..."a weird hybrid of social insularism/Hansonism and vigilante environmentalism".

Now with this in mind, read the thread below on TT about same sex marriage-
Pay attention to the comments by West Tamar Councillor Karl Stevens, particularly post 10 which was his response to high profile HCC greens candidate Corey Peterson. Have a good read and then consider my comments above about socially insular enviro-lefties who embrace elements of Hansonism.

Stevens comment (#10) is one of the most bizzare, illogical and offensive comments on the rights and role of Gay people in a political party i have read or heard anywhere let alone made by an elected public official who ironically hitched a ride into office on a greens ticket. See below....
.........As somebody said to me recently 'we have peak oil, peak debt, climate change, a global financial crisis, and all the greens want to do is marry each other.’ By all means, undermine the battle for Tasmanias forests yet again. Forget about the human rights abuses right here in Tasmania yet again. Instead you can all concentrate on this boutique campaign to marry in churches.We all now how abusive churches are don’t we? The ‘gay rights’ section of the greens has consistently subverted the environmental goals of the party. Whats ‘gay rights’ got to do with trees? Nothing. Why can’t the ‘gay rights’ activists stand on their own two feet for a change without clinging to mainstream environmentalists for a free ride? - (West Tamar Councillor Karl Stevens)

I also fear that Councillor Stevens comments might reflect badly on the people of the northern region.
Yes, I was one of the naieve souls who voted for Stevens. Corey Peterson I hope you can forgive me. Councillor Stevens views are not representative of the people who live in our region.

I would have like to post this comment to the Tasmanian Times thread in question however these days i have little faith in the Tasmanian Times ability or willingness to publish my comment impartially and without fear or favour as the website promises.

Check out more of Councillor Stevens bizzare comments on homosexuality Here.
....."Doctor (Bob) Brown confidently asserts, ‘Mother Nature created the same-sex phenomenon’. I must say that is only partially correct. We know for a fact that ‘endocrine disrupting’ herbicides like atrazine play havoc on the human reproductive system. I quote directly from researcher Tyrone Hayes.....(West Tamar Councillor Karl Stevens)


  1. These are just Stevens opinions which he is entitled to. At least he hasn't helped Gunns build a pulp mill like you and TWS and your dopey plan to agree to a pulp mill but not rule out the Tamar Valley as a location. You are just brainless traitors.

  2. Councillor Stevens is indeed entitled to his opinions.
    However Councillor Stevens needs to learn that the voters and ratepayers who pay his wage are even more entitled to make judgements and express an opinion about Karl's public statements.
    It is vital that citizens are able to call their elected representatives to account without being subject to verbal backlash, baseless slurs, false accusations or personal abuse like that contained in the comment above.

  3. Rick How have the 'Statement of Principles' prevented a pulp mill from being built in the Tamar Valley?

  4. I think gay rights activists should stand on their own two feet for a change without clinging to mainstream environmentalists for a free ride. You should have seen the gay rights activists torrent of abuse against the Ethics & Sustainability Party when it launched in January 2010. That new party basically represents environment, along with ethics, but without seeking to change social policy all that much. Gay rights activists from across Australia and including Mercury and ABC reporters were flaming the new party in the Mercury's readers comments, just for existing:

    I think these activists were worried that if Tasmanians had an opportunity to vote to support the environment without backing gay marriage, that they might choose just the environment, a no brainer from my point of view. Furthermore when you consider that a lot of the preference flows would generally be from the Greens to the Ethics & Sustainability Party, it becomes clear it could clean up and get its candidates elected just by getting a few more votes than the Greens candidates.

    What is not evident from the Mercury article's readers comments is the hateful email correspondence sent by these flamers directly to the Ethics & Sustainability Party. Have to say I wouldn't want anyone like these people running Tasmania even though it looks like the Greens will hold the balance of power in the Federal Senate from July, just as they currently do in the Tasmanian lower house. Thankfully the Greens do stand for something more than just gay rights even if they are left of Labor.

  5. Any news on Matty Rice (Tasmanian Cyclist) and what team he is riding for in 2011? Thanks!