Sunday, December 26, 2010

Xmas 'offie'.....OUCH!!

Well xmas was nice.
2 days in hobart with the family. Had a nice day yesterday at my sisters place eating crayfish, king prawns etc.
Was beginning to feel a bit you do....and was determined to get home to my mums place in glenorchy for a quick pre-dinner bike ride.
Headed off around 5pm onto the hobart bike paths for a quick n pleasant 30k.
At around 6ish I was near claremont, ride nearly done and dont ask me how but i stacked.
Over the handlebars i went and BANG!!, landed flat on my back. I hit my head (helmet on!!) and my helmet flicked off a few metres down the track. 
Though it wasnt meant to, it all happened so quickly.
For a short while i lay on the track groaning with my lower back ringing with pain before struggling to the feet to check that all my bits were still intact. "Are you alright mate?" slome bloke yelled over the fence. "I think so". How embarrassment!
In all my years of cycling, racing bikes, triathlons, hurtling down hills and around corners this was only my third real offie (not including when i got the speed wobbles and fell off robbie broadway's dragster in grade 7 and broke my arm). My other two falls were in Darwin, one of which resulted in a broken collar bone.
Anyway, thank god my bike escaped unscathed.
Oh yeah i was o.k too. Aside from some cuts and abrasions and feeling like i had just  been tackled by the wallabies front row!
Well that was a xmas day i wont forget in a hurry.
Back home in gravelly beach now, stiff, quite sore, but relieved that i am not lying in the hobart hospital with another broken collarbone.
Thanks Santa!!

p.s can you believe the aussie batsmen? 98??? Pathetic

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