Friday, April 29, 2011

Celebrating the Royal Wedding

Well i dont know about you but the wife and i are just settling in for another round of cucumber sandwiches, scones and devonshire tea. Lunch today was spatchcock and winter vegeatbles....of course....washed down with a  a few bottles of bolly. Few people realise that Gravelly Beach, as well as being the home of the Tasmanian Liberal Party of which my wife and i are proud card carrying members, is also Tasmania's home of the Monarchy. Indeed, former leader of the Liberal Party Rene Hidding was seen taking a high tea at the local gravelly beach cafe yesterday. Unfortunately for Rene he was not invited to our pre wedding lunch, but the local dutch community was well represented amongst the 100 or so monarchists at our digs today.
Being staunch monarchists we wouldnt miss Catherine and William's wedding for the world.
Today is a celebration of the the mother country, the Hodgman Family, old buildings, aloof chaps and chappettes, tradition, designer labels, expensive bubbly and awfully good manners. Everything that defines the Royals.
Anna and i are terrificly excited for the future Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and only wish we had time in our schedule to take up the wedding invitation offer. Thankfully our good friend Thorpey has promised to pass on our apologies to HM and the family.
God save the Queen.


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