Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting Fitter.

Over the last few weeks i've tried to increase my mileage in the pool and on the bike. Running is still tricky with a chronic niggle in my knee which is proving hard to get rid of.
Today i swam 2.8km (112laps of 25m pool) for a weekly total of 8.4km. About 2km shy of what i really need as weekly total. A few years ago 3.5-4km was a standard swim for me in not much more than 1hr.
It will take a little while to return to those numbers consistently. Those distances can leave you feeling pretty shagged until you find the fitness again.
Yesterday i managed 45km bike (1hr 50min) in windy conditions. I'm really enjoying the cycling at present. Autumn is the best time of year for cycling with mild and still conditions.
Tomorrow i'll aim for another short run and maybe a short ride in the arvo to end the week.
Have a happy and safe Easter.

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