Friday, April 1, 2011

Giddnings, Thorp and O'Connor with egg on their faces

Lara Giddings will cost her party government. The culture of crony capitalism, mean and dishonest government is back with a vengeance under Giddings. Twice in the space of two weeks has Giddings been forced to admit she either lied or attempted to cover up ministerial misconduct.

First Giddings was forced to apologise in the parliament for attempting to mislead the public over the pulp mill on ABC radio. Now after a week of making the most insulting and insincere excuses for Thorp, the Premier is in damage control again. And hasnt Cassy O'Connor got egg on her face after she once again went into bat for a Labor cabinet colleague isntead of calling the Thorp situation in an honest and open fashion, in a way that honored the tradition of courageous green parliamentarians like Peg Putt and Christine Milne. Indeed, a day after O'Connor glossed over Thorps sins, partner and Greens leader contradicted O'Connor by calling for Thorp to apologise.

There remains a serious ethical vaccuum in the Tasmanian Parliament. Who will stand up and turn this current rabble into something the average Tasmanian can have some pride in?

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