Friday, April 8, 2011

Greens call on Government to ban Tasmanian politicians from working in two levels of Government

"THE Greens have launched a push against state politicians being allowed to hold paid positions as councillors and mayors. Greens MP Kim Booth told Parliament yesterday he would introduce legislation next week outlawing what he called double trough syndrome.
Mr Booth said it was not just an issue of salary double-dipping but also about better government transparency and giving taxpayers and ratepayers fair value for their money.
A successful move would force Lower House Liberal MP Mark Shelton to forfeit his position as Meander Valley council mayor, and Upper House independent MLCs Adriana Taylor and Mike Gaffney to resign as mayors of Glenorchy and Latrobe.
Launceston councillor and former mayor Ivan Dean, who sits in the Legislative Council, would also be forced to resign from the council.
Members of the Legislative Council are paid more than $115,000, as well as receiving free cars, mobile phones, offices, staff and computers, to work full time in their local electorates.
Mayors get stipends above $35,000 a year for what is considered a full-time elected position in local government"....Read More in The Mercury
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