Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Will the real Rosemary Armitage stand up please?.......and.......Mcquestin gets desperate. Liberal smear campaign has started

The Two faces of the Launceston Deputy Mayor, Rosemary Armitage on the Gunns Pulp Mill issue.

February 18 2011 - A Clear, confident, concise No Tamar Valley pulp mill Deputy Mayor  Listen Here
"As far as I'm concerned a mill in the Tamar Valley really isnt a viable option"...well they put a lot into Launceston and we are very happy to have them here but as for their pulp mill well that another matter altogether"

April 20 2011  - In campaign mode and sounding an awful lot like our friends at the Wilderness Society. What the?? - Listen Here
Leon Compton - "Based on where its up to now, broadly, it should go ahead in your view"
Rosemary Armitage - "Based on where its up to now, i believe the ball is firmly back in Gunns court".
Leon Compton - "It will be interesting, i think broadly that can be said to be some sort of support".
Rosemary Armitage - "Oh well we wont go quite that far, I'm not saying i'm supporting or not supporting. I have concerns with the Tamar Valley, as i've always had concerns with the Tamar Valley, but i also see the need for forestry and industry to work together"
Liberal's smear campaign against Armitage has started. Read More Here


  1. Rosemary ArmitageApril 25, 2011 at 7:47 PM

    my position has not changed. I am not in favour of a pulp mill in the Tamar Valley.

  2. Great to hear Rosemary.
    Its a shame you didnt say so on the radio this week when you were asked in a key pre election forum? I heard the interview. As a fan and a vocal advocate of yours i felt let down and a bit embarrassed. Your words are on the public record. What happened?

  3. Rosemary ArmitageApril 25, 2011 at 8:30 PM

    Some days are better than others!

    Liberals take on my stance was disappointing, however I will always remain 100% independent.

  4. Yes the Liberals attack was clearly contrived, predictable and showed that you are a threat to them.
    The only place i saw the Lib smear was on TT. Hardly a wide audience.
    My comeback to Sam McQuestin would be to ask him what he is doing about all the lovely liberals in local launceston branches who have been telling the party for years they dont want the pulp mill?
    I have a friend who is an active member of a local branch of the Liberal Party and she tells me all the women in that branch hate the pulp mill, but their pleas to people like Michael Ferguson and Will Hodgman have fallen on deaf ears.
    So much for the notion of representation in the Liberal Party!
    Same goes for the Labor Party.
    A few weeks ago a group of us stood outside a hotel where a labor party function was being held in launceston. We were waiting to greet the Premier and talk to her about the pulp mill. As the labor party faithful filed in many of them stopped, talked to us, congratulated us for taking a stand on the pulp mill, promising to talk to Lara inside the meeting.
    We all know opposition to the pulp mill crosses party lines. The sad fact is, if you are looking for advocacy and someone to give your concerns (on the mill) a voice then you are not gunna get it from Liberal and Labor. Even if you are a member and a supporter.
    That is appalling in my view and that is what i would challenging Mr McQuestin about.