Monday, April 25, 2011


A fairly solid ride this morning. 43km around the Tamar. 92minutes in the saddle. Riding up blackwall hill still causes me to turn the color of a beetroot. When i get to the top at the West Tamar intersection i try to give the impression to observers in passing cars that it was a breeze as i choke back the vomit.
For fellow relic cyclists out there who like me suffer from bike related back pain, try flipping your handlebar stem (Here) so you are not leaning forward as far to reach the handlebars. In other words you sit slightly more upright thus decreasing the strain on stiff lower back. I find i get a lot more power when i'm comfortable even though i may be in a slightly less aero position.
Settling in this arvo for the big Anzac Day game from the MCG.

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