Thursday, March 3, 2011

1 week extension on Gunns federal approvals takes mill saga into the realms of high farce. This is nothing more than a media stunt.

After a 3 1/2 year federal assessment, on the day that a final decision was to be handed down by Federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke on Gunns proposed Tamar Valley pulp mill we are told by Tony Burkes department that he has extended the decision deadline by another week saying that Gunns had contacted his department yesterday asking for "tougher environmental controls". Minister Burke whose party are avowed supporters of the unpopular project said another week is needed to examine the changes the company has requested.
Does anyone really buy Gunns 1 minute to midnight plea to make their life harder?
Make no mistake the circus has started. This is nothing more than a media stunt and the fact that Mr Burke's department is complicit in this little ruse is quiet disgraceful and simply an insult to the intelligence of Australians.
Dont expect any hard questioning by the Tasmanian media on this one.
Check out the wording of Gunns MR. Looks like Pax are being made to earn their keep.
You can guarantee that Gunns wont name the so called "community and environmental groups" who have "supposedly" help "allegedly" green their mill.

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