Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Greens Minister Cassy O'Connor toes Labor Government line on Thorp....and....Wilkie says Mckims Greens compromised

Wilkie on Mckim's Greens
Greens toe Labor Government line on Thorps confidentiality breach

Greens MP Cassy O'Connor needs to think very hard about who put her in the Tasmanian Parliament.
For O'Connor to deliberately ignore Thorp's clear breach of confidentiality in relation to Thorps non reappointment of former Kids Commissioner Paul Mason is simply gutless, a betrayal of traditional green party values and not in the tradition of courageous Greens parliamentarians like Peg Putt and Christine Milne.
Its one thing to deliver stable government but its another thing to sell out the values of the people of who put you in the Parliament. Cassy dont tell me that you do not understand the concept of confidentiality.
Any person going through a process of applying for employment in the public or private sector has the basic right to expect that potential employers will keep the details of that persons application confidential.
For Minister Thorp to trumpet to the world confidential details and outcomes of Paul Masons job application process and to do so for political gain is not only a clear breach of the ministerial code of conduct but also a clear breach of confidentiality, professional ethics and decency. For Cassy O'Connor to pretend she does not understand this just for the sake of not upsetting her Labor cabinet colleagues should be deeply concerning to Green party supporters.
Former Premier David Bartlett thought he was gods gift to Tasmanian politics but ended up on the scrapheap way before time, simply because he said he believed one thing but all to often did another. O'Connor will quickly find herself going the same way if she continues to put the interests of Labor ahead of Greens voters.

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  1. yes interesting, do you remember who Cassy worked for before she took on the mantle of a conservation and human rights activist, I mean after she was a journalist but before she became a Greens pollie ? I see you still subscribe to the Mercury , I think its pathetic how they trot out our most brave and wonderful fallen soldiers at election time to get people choked up on emotion and missing the issues. and the front page has all these headlines JOBS JOBS JOBS like a blinking neon sign to blind everyone into thinking clearly! Its almost funny in an eerie way! Good Blog :)